- Young & Norgate Poster –

Obsessed with the simplicity and M.C. Escher inspired placement of the fox graphic in this poster design by Joe Booth. Minimal. Psychedelic. Perfection.

30 Free Fonts and Symbols of the Occult and Esoteric Influence

Occult, esoteric, and mystical influences have been everywhere in the graphic arts these days with medieval typefaces, esoteric wiccan-like symbols, and an overwhelming obsession with magical vintage style photography. I must admit, I too find myself dreaming of being a long haired gypsy witch adorned with giant rings overlooking a crystal ball rather than  a macbook pro. So I thought I would go on a quest to pull together some beautiful gothic typefaces and esoteric dingbat fonts that might help people manifest their occult visions. Click the type to go to the download page.


Photogram Alphabet by Dutch Osborne

Inspired by surrealist artist Man Ray’s use of found objects and photogram photography techniques…this alphabet makes me weak it’s so beautiful! Check out more at Dutch Osborne’s website.

Frog Inspired Bike: Be At One With Nature

frog bike Frog Inspired Bike: Be At One With Nature

Using a frog as the inspiration for a bicycle is certainly an interesting concept, and the results of Alex Suvajac’s work prove that it can produce a cool looking design. But the nature theme doesn’t stop there – the lower part of the frame would be structured “much like that of a human bone.”

Despite it’s good looks, I would imagine that my balls would have something to say about the little seat. Detailed images are available after the jump.


frog bike2 Frog Inspired Bike: Be At One With Nature

frog bike3 Frog Inspired Bike: Be At One With Nature




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